Plastic Expandable Barrier, Length 3.8m. Height 108cm. Weight 16.5Kg


Quantity: 30



Weight(grams): 17000

Dimension: 34 cm (Length) x 59 cm (Width) x 108 cm (Height)

  • The Plastic Expandable Barrier is a relatively new product made with advanced technology and mainly made of PE material.  
  • The product is lightweight, easy to use and carry, and provides a higher guarantee for the safety of the public.



Product application range:

  • Traffic safety: It is suitable for public places such as subways, bus stations, airports, etc., and can be used for crowd isolation and warning.  
  • Outdoor operations: including the isolation and protection of high-voltage dangerous areas such as power construction operations and power maintenance, power facilities and substations in the power sector; isolation and warning functions of road maintenance sites. 
  • Elevator: It can be equipped to prevent outsiders from entering the dangerous area when the elevator is repaired and malfunctions.  It is also possible to equip each elevator with a set for temporary emergency use by users.  
  • Property department: The property is used as a temporary enclosure for on-site maintenance operations, and can be used as a temporary enclosure for emergencies, and can be used as a temporary block for vehicles at the entrance and exit of the parking lot due to the failure of the car brake.  
  • Schools, hospitals and other major institutions: mainly isolate and protect people and driving vehicles.  
  • Public security organs, traffic police, road administration departments: They can be used as temporary roadblocks in traffic law enforcement to give warnings to vehicles under investigation, or to isolate and protect the scene of the crime.  
  • Separation of people flow in major exhibition halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, and large-scale event sites and isolation of related sites.  
  • Length 3.8 meters, height 108 cm. Weight 16.5KG.
  • There are two wheels for easy rotation, retractable and foldable.
  • Used for temporary isolation protection.

 Inquiry - Plastic Expandable Barrier, Length 3.8m. Height 108cm. Weight 16.5Kg