Land Block Flexible Pole 75cm With Rubber Lane Block 10kg (SIRIM)


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The Flexible Pole 75cm with Rubber Lane Block 75CM X 21.5CM X 12.5CM
can be used for various applications related to traffic control and safety. Here are a few examples:


  • Road Construction: During road construction or maintenance work, these flexible poles with rubber lane blocks can be utilized to create temporary barriers and divert traffic away from the construction area. They help ensure the safety of both the workers and the motorists by clearly marking the blocked lanes.
  • Traffic Calming: In areas where traffic calming measures are necessary, such as residential neighborhoods or school zones, the flexible poles and rubber lane blocks can be used to create visual barriers or slow down vehicles. They act as a physical reminder for drivers to exercise caution and reduce their speed.
  • Parking Management: The flexible poles and rubber lane blocks can be employed in parking lots to designate specific areas, such as reserved spaces or no-parking zones. They help guide drivers and prevent unauthorized parking, ensuring efficient use of available parking spaces.
  • Event Management: During events or gatherings, these flexible poles and lane blocks can be used to control traffic flow and create temporary pedestrian zones. They help organizers manage crowd movement, maintain safety, and ensure smooth entry and exit of vehicles.
  • Temporary Road Closures: In cases where roads need to be temporarily closed, such as for parades, marathons, or construction projects, flexible poles and rubber lane blocks can be deployed to block access to the closed-off areas. They effectively communicate the closure and prevent vehicles from entering restricted zones.


Remember that the specific applications may vary depending on local regulations and requirements.

It's important to consult with local authorities or traffic management professionals to ensure compliance with applicable guidelines and standards.


The black rubber base ( Rubber Lane Block ) is mostly used as a Road lane separator in the center of the road either on small or highway roads. It is made of high-strength rubber with superior compression resistance. It can use as a temporary or permanent road lane separator.

  • Rubber Base Size: 770mm x 215mm x 140mm.
  • Weigth : +/- 10kg 
  • Flexible pole 75cm (H) 8cm (DIA) 

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