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Assembly Point Signs

Size Available

(S6030) - H600mm x W300mm
(S8040) - H800mm x W400mm
(S12060) - H1200mm x W600mm

Coding System

How to order your Safety Signs:
  1. Select product code of your chosen design and size i.e. CS 001.
  2. Then add either M00 (self-adhesive vinyl), M01 (THK1.5mm High Impact PVC), M02 (THK2.0mm Acrylic) or M03 (THK3.0mm Aluminium Composite) after your code to determine your required material, i.e. CS001-M01 for THK 1.5mm High Impact PVC
  3. Select the size you want S6030 (H600mm x W300mm)

SC 001

SC 002

SC 003

SC 004

SC 005

SC 006

SC 007

SC 008

SC 009

SC 010

SC 028


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